Sadie's Fresh Cut French Fries

EST. 2018

Sadie's Fresh Cut French Fries

EST. 2018

What's on the menu

We have a menu of staples from the potato variety that you'll always be able to get at Sadie's. Be sure to check out a few in the section below. In addition to those we offer a variety of new, temporary and experimental meals, changing from day to day.



Find us to see exactly what's on the menu.

Natural, fresh and cooked with love

Fresh cut french fries are most definietly our thing. However we do like to mix it up with our premium toppings that turn a delicious golden snack into a full fledged meal. Be sure to check out some of our rotating favorites when we're set up near you!

Rotating Styles


Cheeseburger Style

Fresh cut fries, chopped premium hamburger patty, cheese sauce, diced tomoato, chopped onion, pickle chips, bacon bits, comeback sauce

Carolina Style

Fresh cut french fries, cheese sauce, chopped hamburger, chili, chopped onions, mustard, coleslaw

Bacon Ranch Style

Fresh cut fries, cheese sauce, diced chicken tossed in homeade ranch seasoning, bacon, shredded cheese, diced tomato, ranch dressing


And many more...!!

Premium Add-ons

Chicken/Steak Fajita - Fresh cut fries, steak, cheese sauce, grilled onions and peppers, Southwest shredded cheddar, jalapenos

Pig Pickin' - Fresh cut fries, eastern NC pulled pork BBQ, sweet heat sauce, coleslaw

Aloha Fries - Fresh cut fries, cheese sauce, marinaed shredded pork in sweet heat sauce, pineapple chunks, jalapenos, avocado crema, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese

And many more...!!