Sadie's Fresh Cut French Fries

EST. 2018

Sadie's Fresh Cut French Fries

EST. 2018




The fresh-cut french fry food truck you've been waiting for has finally arrived to the Triangle! We service Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas, serving the best dishes and our favorite recipes from our kitchen to your taste buds!



It all starts....

With the freshest ingredients.

Only the best...

Make the cut!

High quality oils...

Take tastes to new heights.

Enjoy being naked...

Or load up with premium toppings.

Don't forget...

To grab your handmade dipping sauce!

A brief history of Sadie's

With so many food trucks having earned their way into the forefront of mainstream consciousness, these days there are a lot of amazing options to choose from. And with so many special mobile dishes on the rise, the almighty french fry is many times forced to take a back seat as an add-on. We decided the french fry deserved a spot light of its own and that we would to do something about it... And that's where the idea for Sadie's Fresh Cut Fries was born! A food truck dedicated to the versatility of the almighty French Fry!

The best herbs and spices...

To complement our fries and toppings

High quality, fresh breads...

For when you'd rather let the fries breathe

What's better than piping hot, fresh cut fries?

Fresh cut fries paired with your favorite brew. Catch us at your favorite local brewery!

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Our philosophy

Our approach to cooking and food is simple, yet powerful. We know from our own experiences, and those of our guests, that a truly great meal must be prepared with fresh, natural ingredients and a lot of love. That's it! Come and taste for yourself - we promise you won't be disappointed.

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